100 word challenge – what do you think will happen if the ice caps have completely melted?

“Breaking news ,all the ice caps have started to melt from a huge heat wave that had torn through the North pole and South pole causing every thing to melt, including  all sorts of  precious metals. This is the end of the world of humanity. But how did this happen? A massive fire ring burst from the sun’s surface heading straight for Earth”.

Sam finished listening to the news thought this was all just a silly drama. He walked down to the beach to find the sand was turning into glass and a horrifying wave was coming straight at him…

Alone on a wide wide sea.

This book is about a boy caled Arthur who was taken from his own country, England and sent to live in Australia. He  tries to find his sister in England.  I liked this story because there are a lot of interesting features. My favourite character would have been Arthur because he escaped from Cooper Station and what he said was very interesting.

Review of the term.

in  term 1  we did silhouette art, lizard art, but mine turned into a dragon fly. we did Wassily Kandinsky/ circle art, we also did poems based on JK Baxter’s poem ‘The Town was usual enough”.

I feel my learning has improved, in maths because I am getting a lot more work done and I have understood more of the area and volume questions.


Inspirational quotes.

This is  my favourites because it was written by the incredible Dr Seuss.

22 inspirational Dr Seuss quotes that you really need in your life | BookTrust

I chose this quote because it’s like it’s singe                                                                        you can go were ever you want to go,  because my feet steer me into the direction to be a plane pilot.

I have the power.

If I had all the power in the wold I would get rid of all the plastic in the world.  plastic straws have to go to save the Turtles, if we carry on dumping plastic waste into the ocean the sea may look like this…

This is why I would get rid of all plastic.

The second thing that I would get rid of is all nuclear power plants, I would get rid of all nuclear power plants because they pollute the air so so much by letting out poisonous fumes into the air.


My growth mindset.

One time when I went into our gully looking for lizards I lifted up a really big rock and it came out of my grasp and landed on my finger. IT HURT A LOT.  I thought I would give up but no, I still go down there today. I will not stop doing something that I like to do just because of a little rock. This is what having a growth mindset is – not giving up.

100 word challenge #20

As I was biking down the road on my brand new bike I stopped to have a break, a few minutes later a gang of horrible teenagers came and stole my brand new yellow bike.  When I walked angrily back home I found my brand new yellow bike but it was not brand new anymore. The chain was busted and the wheels were flat.  There was a little note on the handlebars saying,   “Have fun getting back home now!” Silly little fellas. They didn’t know that they had tied my bike onto  the lamp post right outside of my house.

I didn’t mean to kill her.

“Just listen, all I was doing was dropping bricks onto water balloons then the cat ran out from under an old table just as I had dropped the brick, then I heard a big fat splat and the brick landed straight on top of her” I said to the court judge.
I could see police sitting all around me. The court judge explained that the cat that I accidentally squashed with a brick was the Prime minister’s cat and that the Prime minister’s cat was pregnant and I was in big trouble.
“No wonder it was so obese”. I said. Oops I shouldn’t have said that out loud I realised as the judge and the police glared at me evilly.
“Just please, I really didn’t mean to kill her” but the judge didn’t hear me. I ended up going home with a fine of 900 thousand dollars.
I go back to dropping bricks onto water balloons as well as listening to the radio. I can hear the news talking about how President Trump’s cat got squashed by a person dropping bricks on water balloons. What were they talking about I thought to myself. Then I looked down where I had dropped the brick’s and there was a squashed cat! Oh no, not again.

Week 12 100 word challenge

As Bill drove to K.F.C/ Kids Fattening Center he got 5 buckets of chicken. After eating all the chicken, he felt really ill so he drank some Red Bull to try to feel better, but it only got worse and he fainted on the side of the road. 2 days later Bill woke up in the hospital. He looked around and he saw someone holding a huge needle, then Bill fainted again. A week later he woke up in a coffin. Bill started to panic, then Bill realised if he panics he would run out of air faster.