I didn’t mean to kill her.

“Just listen, all I was doing was dropping bricks onto water balloons then the cat ran out from under an old table just as I had dropped the brick, then I heard a big fat splat and the brick landed straight on top of her” I said to the court judge.
I could see police sitting all around me. The court judge explained that the cat that I accidentally squashed with a brick was the Prime minister’s cat and that the Prime minister’s cat was pregnant and I was in big trouble.
“No wonder it was so obese”. I said. Oops I shouldn’t have said that out loud I realised as the judge and the police glared at me evilly.
“Just please, I really didn’t mean to kill her” but the judge didn’t hear me. I ended up going home with a fine of 900 thousand dollars.
I go back to dropping bricks onto water balloons as well as listening to the radio. I can hear the news talking about how President Trump’s cat got squashed by a person dropping bricks on water balloons. What were they talking about I thought to myself. Then I looked down where I had dropped the brick’s and there was a squashed cat! Oh no, not again.

Week 12 100 word challenge

As Bill drove to K.F.C/ Kids Fattening Center he got 5 buckets of chicken. After eating all the chicken, he felt really ill so he drank some Red Bull to try to feel better, but it only got worse and he fainted on the side of the road. 2 days later Bill woke up in the hospital. He looked around and he saw someone holding a huge needle, then Bill fainted again. A week later he woke up in a coffin. Bill started to panic, then Bill realised if he panics he would run out of air faster.

Coast Steering.

Coast Steering.

As I follow our instructors down the volcanic banks to the rocky beach, I can hear the birds singing in the bush. As we climb around the sharp jagged rocks, we come to a spot to jump into the ocean. I plunge into the cold waters and I taste the extreme salt of the water.  I can see hundreds of mussels and barnacles everywhere I look. As I go through the washing machine I latch onto a bit of seaweed, someone grabs onto me, I let go, “wheeeee!!”  As I climb out of the cold salty water, I grab onto the grippy rocks to help to get out.  When we start to head back to the cars I notice I’ve got a big cut on my finger.

Camp week 2 term 4.

My class is going to go on camp to Akarowa.   Akarowa is in the South Island nere chrischuch.   aktvateys the aktivateys that we will be doing is archery,kayaking,high ropes and coast steering my favert would be coast steering  because I like looking uround the rocks. Kiayaking because I like to ues the kiayaks.

Review of term 3

Last week of term 3 we made S.V.A posters.  S.V.A stands for student volunteer army, the S.V.A is when people help out the cmunety by clening out the water ways and downateing food to the ones how need it.  the year 5,6,7 and 8 made posters for food downations in the  Duntroon cyumnaty, where you drop off the food if at the pub, garij, muzim and the school. Mr Tuner and some of the year 8ts will go to Omurou and drop off the food. the food is diy food like puster brecfist food and tined foods.

ice skating and curling in Dunedin.

On firday we went to Dunedin to do ice skating and curling, ice skating is when you get some boots that have blades on the botim of the boot.  curling is when you slide a very big stone acros the ice, it is a winter sport played aftouter hockey.  I think my favrit part was ice skating because I almost wiped out miss campball,my teacher.  I did’t like the curling because there wiher so meany times when I all most fell over, there was one time when I did, that rellay hiert.

New stones purchased for competitions

perint teacher intravenous

A parent teacher interview is when your mum and dad come to school and see how much you have improved over the last few terms.  My favorite part would have been my writing because I have improved a lot.  I felt  proud to hear what my teacher had to say.  My mum and dad said to me that they were very proud with my writing, and that I’m going to do my times tables to get better.